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Latest Blog Posts

  • 02 Jan

    Better Hearing In The New Year

    As 2014 gets underway we here at Hearing Lab have much to be thankful for and even more to look forward too in the year ahead. Just 12 short months ago we talked about expanding our family owned business from the greater St. more
  • 27 Jan

    Protecting Hearing Aids From Winter Weather

    Some years here in Chicago it feels like winter may never end, but we keep motoring on. As you bundle up to venture outside in the next few weeks don’t forget to protect your ears and your hearing aids from the cold too. Ears more
    05 Jun

    Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Guide

    Just like any electronic device a hearing aid can malfunction or stop working for a number of reasons. While most issues can be solved with a good cleaning, occasionally the hearing aid will need to be seen by your hearing care more
  • 27 Feb

    Famous People With Hearing Loss

    One of the most common things we hear from patients that have waited several years to do something about their hearing loss is that they put it off because they did not want to look or feel old. If you find yourself thinking more
    01 May

    Five Unhealthy Habits That Can Harm Hearing

    Researchers are always discovering more connections between the ears and the health of other body systems. If you’ve been looking for one more reason to drop a bad habit consider your hearing. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it more
  • 28 Aug

    Earwax May Be Causing Your Hearing Loss

    We frequently see patients who think they may need hearing aids, but their hearing loss is actually caused by built up earwax. Excess earwax is one of the most common causes of partial hearing loss, and luckily the most more
    14 Aug

    Back To School Hearing Tests Are Important

    It’s almost time for school to start up again and we’ve got something to add to your back to school checklist: a hearing test! Hearing loss in children can occur for a range of reasons from genetics to ear infections to more
  • 20 Feb

    Common Noises Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

    Your ears are a wonderful thing; they let you hear all the sounds around you each and everyday. However, they are also very delicate and if you don’t take steps to protect your hearing you can cause irreversible damage. Exposure more

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