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Latest Blog Posts

  • 14 Apr

    How Allergies Can Harm Your Hearing

    As allergy season arrives 40 million Americans are bracing for their seasonal itchy, water eyes and runny noses. Every spring we hear newscasters talk about the allergy and pollen forecasts and try to predict just how bad allergy more
    30 May

    Ready To Help You Hear In Valparaiso

    After only a few months in Northwestern Indian, Hearing Lab has seen a great need for more access to hearing care in the area. That is why they are eager to announce the opening of their newest office in Valparaiso. This new more
  • 20 Feb

    Common Noises Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

    Your ears are a wonderful thing; they let you hear all the sounds around you each and everyday. However, they are also very delicate and if you don’t take steps to protect your hearing you can cause irreversible damage. Exposure more
  • 24 Oct

    Stop The Ringing In Your Ears

    If you hear ringing in your ears on a daily basis, you don’t need to suffer in silence; there are easy ways to improve your quality of life. Ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, is caused by bent or broken auditory more
    13 Mar

    Comparing Hearing Aid Features

    In today’s world it can be hard to keep up with rapidly advancing technology. As soon as you think you’ve got the latest gadget a better one comes out two weeks later. The same can be said for hearing aid technology. more
  • 01 Oct

    Hearing Loops Allow For Easy Listening

    Hearing Loops have been making news recently as more and more venues install the assisted listening devices to help those with hearing loss have the same listening experience as everyone else. Hearing loops allow hearing aid more
    04 Dec

    Dangers of Buying Hearing Aids Online

    The internet has made it possible to buy just about anything you could ever want without leaving your home, but when it comes to hearing aids, buying online is not the best idea. Buying hearing aids online or by mail order more
  • 22 May

    Myths About Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss

    At Hearing Lab helping people hear is our job. Often times when people walk through our door they are nervous, they put off getting a hearing aid for many years and now they are expecting the worst. We’ve collected the 5 most more

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