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Latest Blog Posts

  • 08 Oct

    Open Fit Hearing Aids Vs. In The Ear Hearing Aids

    Choosing a hearing aid can be a stressful process, especially when there are so many places to turn for researching your options, including reviews and recommendations from friends. However, one of the most important things to more
    05 Jun

    Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Guide

    Just like any electronic device a hearing aid can malfunction or stop working for a number of reasons. While most issues can be solved with a good cleaning, occasionally the hearing aid will need to be seen by your hearing care more
  • 25 Apr

    Helping Loved Ones Adjust To Hearing Again

    When someone close to you decides to make the life changing decision to buy hearing aids, it is an exciting time for everyone in their lives. It is important to remember adjusting to the hearing world requires time and patience. more
    28 Jan

    Job Hunting with Hearing Aids

    Hunting for a new job is stressful and having a hearing loss can add an extra element of anxiety. Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act should prevent you from experiencing discrimination there are still some situations more
  • 27 Feb

    Home Safety for Hearing Aid Wearers

    When hearing loss is first diagnosed, there are lots of decision to make and things to consider. One thing that is frequently left as an after thought is home safety. How do you ensure those with hearing loss are safe in their more
    17 Jun

    Common Signs Of Hearing Loss

    When you or someone you care about suffers from hearing loss the only way to make things better is to acknowledge the problem and see a specialist to find options to correct it. Approximately 30 million Americans have some degree more
  • 23 Jul

    Use A Risk-Free Trial To Find The Best Hearing Aid

    Shopping for a hearing aid can be a confusing process when there are so many places you can turn to research your options, including reviews and recommendations from friends. However, an important thing to keep in mind is that more
  • 07 Nov

    Squeaky Clean: Caring For Your Hearing Aid

    Cleaning your hearing aid is almost as important as using it to hear. The dirtier you allow your hearing aid to get the less effective it will be in helping you hear. In order to keep the small circuitry inside your hearing more
    13 Feb

    Early Detection of Hearing Loss is Key

    Hearing loss often creeps into your life in subtle ways, but before you know it, ‘huh’ and ‘what’ have become the most common words in your vocabulary. Most people wait an average of 7 years before they seek help for their more

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