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Latest Blog Posts

  • 27 Aug

    How A Hearing Aid Works

    Hearing aids are tiny electronic devices designed to amplify sounds so people with hearing loss can hear and communicate. After many years of technological advancements hearings aids come in a variety of shapes and sizes with an more
    05 Jun

    Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Guide

    Just like any electronic device a hearing aid can malfunction or stop working for a number of reasons. While most issues can be solved with a good cleaning, occasionally the hearing aid will need to be seen by your hearing care more
  • 30 Jan

    Tax Deductions For Hearing Aid Users

    We know hearing aids can be a major expense. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some of your money back on your taxes? As you prepare to file your taxes this year, we thought it would be helpful to make you aware of potential tax more
    26 Jun

    Protect Your Hearing From The Sounds Of Summer

    With summer comes a chorus of sweet outdoor sounds, but not all of them are music to your ears. Lawn mowers, power tools, target shooting, concerts and fireworks all have one thing in common, the potential to damage your hearing. more
  • 28 Jan

    Job Hunting with Hearing Aids

    Hunting for a new job is stressful and having a hearing loss can add an extra element of anxiety. Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act should prevent you from experiencing discrimination there are still some situations more
  • 01 May

    Five Unhealthy Habits That Can Harm Hearing

    Researchers are always discovering more connections between the ears and the health of other body systems. If you’ve been looking for one more reason to drop a bad habit consider your hearing. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it more
    18 Nov

    Exercise Your Ears

    The winter weather can keep us indoors and holiday gatherings can inflate our waistlines, but there is one part of your body you can keep in shape, without ever leaving the comfort of your recliner, your EARS! There is no need to more
  • 30 Oct

    The Secret to Living Longer with Hearing Loss

    We can’t claim to know all the secrets to living a longer happy life, but we do know that hearing aids can make vast improvements in the lives of those with hearing loss. Here are five things treating your hearing loss can do to more

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  • "They changed my life. I now can carry on a conversation with my family and friends, and I can hear the environment around me. Individuals who deny getting help are missing our on a big portion of their life, because you don't realize it improves every aspect of your life."

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