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FREE Hearing Aid Evaluation and a 30-day Risk-FREE Trial on Hearing Devices at our Glenview Illinois Hearing Aid Center Location

We’re located north of Glenview Road in the Carrillon Square Shopping Plaza. We are about 2 miles south of Interstate 94 on Waukegan Road.

Our Glenview hearing aid center proudly offers the latest in hearing aid technology, keeping us at the forefront of hearing aid companies. If you’re experiencing any hearing loss symptoms, don’t wait. Give us a call –we can help you set up your free hearing test today.

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Customer Reviews

i had good experience all the time that i was visited. Receptionist and the doctor both ar very good. Good team work. I am happy and will recommend them for the hearing work. Thanks

Joe Mullappallil, on Google

Diane and Jessica make a wonderful team… When you enter the office there’s always a warm friendly atmosphere… Never have to wait long, and I’m not there forever. Reservations are simple and easy . Diane is an absolute pro… She’s quick, efficient, and very professional… She answers all questions thoroughly, and when you leave, it’s your own fault if you don’t understand her responses because she gives you all the time you need. By following her advice, it actually makes me feel that I hear better… And I do… I support the hearing lab experience wholeheartedly ..,

Duke Botthof, on Google

I had such an amazing experience with audiologist Diane. She was very professional and answered all my questions beyond my expectations. I would recommend anyone who needs audiology information to contact Diane.

Patricia Mosier, on Google

Excellent service, Diane Leahy and side kick Jessica are the best. It is great to be able to hear again.

Carol Burkhart, on Google

Diane Leary is an excellent Certified Clinical Audiologist. I was referred to Hearing Labs by a friend and when looking for another facility to purchase hearing aides. I have been hearing impaired for 6 years now and been serviced by at least 2 hearing aide providers. The level of service and expertise was by far best in class at Hearing Labs (Glenview,Il). They made setting up appointments easy and convenient. Their facility was clean, spacious and provided for a comfortable awaiting experience. Their wait times were less than 15mins. They have the latest in testing technology which made for accurate diagnosis and evaluations. Their follow us were extremely flexible and appropriate. At no time did I feel like a number. Diane and Jessica made me feel like like a long time friend. Every appointment is a great time. I cannot stress this enough. If you or a love one requires hearing aide services or evaluation and you are not being served by Hearing Labs(Glenview,Il). Then you need to stop what you are doing NOW and make an appointment ASAP. This is a public service announcement!!! Seriously you will not regret it.

Ben Moricette, on Google