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FREE Hearing Aid Evaluation and a 30-day Risk-FREE Trial on Hearing Devices at our Oak Lawn Illinois Hearing Aid Center Location

Call us today for a free hearing test and hearing aids consultation. We’re located in Oak Lawn, at the corner of 103rd Street and South Cicero on the west side of the road, across the street from Starbucks and next to T-Mobile

There are lots of hearing aid companies -so choosing the correct one for you, can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry; Hearing Lab is here to make your decision easier. Our state-of-the-art hearing aid center and dedicated staff are here to make sure you get the hearing aids you need.

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Customer Reviews

The atmosphere is very warm, friendly. and welcoming. Staff is very professional. All of my hearing questions were answered intelligently. I have left each visit very satisfied with the service received.

Diann Crutchfield, on Google

I have been going to Hearing Lab for the past 3 years. I have been at 103rd and Cicero in Oak Lawn, IL. I see Darlene at the front desk who is very pleasant, she is efficient at her position. Monia the Dr., or Technician at this location is quite knowledgable in her profession. Only problem I have is not with the staff themselves, they are great. I am a 67 year old senior on Social Security and am disabled. I have to purchase 2 hearing aids now and not quite done paying for 1st device yet. Medicare will not pay for prosthetics. Monia helped me all she could but as I said problem was not with the staff but Medicare itself.

Judy Lydon, on Google

The office in Oak Lawn (10316 S. Cicero Ave.) is spotless, the receptionist (Darlene) is very helpful and courteous, the audiologist (Dr. Monia Clay) is precise and professional, and best of all, the hearing devices are amazing. My wife nagged me for years to get my hearing checked, and I finally consented - only to discover that there was a whole world of sound I was not hearing. Years of live, loud blues/rock jam sessions got the best of my hearing, but now I literally don't miss a thing. And it gets better - they honored a Labor Day Sale even after my purchase was made prior to that date and saved me $1,200!! I am a customer for life. I am NOT being compensated for this review. This is my honest recounting of the experience. These devices are so clear, I can hear crickets mating a block away and can tell you which one is on top. The technology is finally here that makes hearing aids comfy, inconspicuous, clear and carefree. - Happy Camper.

The Breeze, on Google

Like the Complete Ear Exam. And explaining the results with me were I understood, 👍🏿

Jennifer Boone, on Google

Our insurance company gave us a different company name, so we arrived late for the appointment. After completing the forms, I was called in for tests. The specialist was professional and kind. My wife joined me for the consultation and after some discussions, we were asked to call our insurance company,. We look forward to returning for the hearing aids very soon.

Patricia Thomas, on Google