About Us

Mike Marino, OwnerOur Mission

At Hearing Lab, we believe your quality of life directly relates to your level of hearing loss. That's why we believe in finding a way to get you hearing again and get you back to your life. We are completely dedicated to ending the struggles of hearing loss, and making your world a better place to live in.


Our History 

Southwestern Hearing Centers St. CharlesHearing Lab is backed by 3 generations of family owned dedication and reliability. Founded originally as Southwestern Hearing Centers in St. Louis, Missouri in 1947 Albert Marino and later his son Michael Marino worked to grow the business to 42 locations in Missouri, Southern Illinois and Kansas.

After nearly 70 years of improving lives, Michael decided it was time to share his passion for hearing on a national level. The name and logo were changed to Hearing Lab to reflect the national expansion, but the companies' unwavering commitment to bettering people’s lives stayed the same.    

The superior service, award winning products and convenient locations have earned us the honor of being Nu-Ear's #1 independent hearing care provider in the U.S.A.


Benefits of Being Our Patient

The specialists at Hearing Lab have helped thousands of people improve their quality of life simply by helping them hear the sounds of their lives more clearly. Just by trusting Hearing Lab with your hearing you are guaranteed a complimentary comprehensive evaluation, top-rated personalized service and high quality hearing instruments.

Hearing Lab prides itself on the personalized service we offer to each and every patient. We know that improving your hearing can take time and we want to be there for your every step of the way. From the minute your walk through our door to every visit after you should feel comfortable and confident that you’re receiving the best service. That’s why we offer the following services at no charge as long as you trust your hearing to us.

  • FREE Screening, testing and programming with the most advanced technology on the market 
  • FREE Adjustments for the life of your instrument 
  • FREE Loss and damage warranty 
  • FREE Professional device cleanings
  • FREE Re-evaluations to determine if your hearing has changed
  • FREE Hearing counseling for questions and concerns
  • FREE At home cleaning kits for your hearing devices
  • HUGE patient-only discounts on new instruments
  • Access to any of our 60 locations around Chicagoland, Southern Illinois and Missouri