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Latest Blog Posts

  • 22 May

    Hearing Lab In La Grange Now Open

    It’s been a busy few years for Hearing Lab helping the people of Chicagoland hear, now we’re excited to announce we will be able to help even more people hear with the opening of our 18th office in La Grange. This new office more
    17 Jun

    Common Signs Of Hearing Loss

    When you or someone you care about suffers from hearing loss the only way to make things better is to acknowledge the problem and see a specialist to find options to correct it. Approximately 30 million Americans have some degree more
  • 01 May

    Five Unhealthy Habits That Can Harm Hearing

    Researchers are always discovering more connections between the ears and the health of other body systems. If you’ve been looking for one more reason to drop a bad habit consider your hearing. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it more
    19 Jan

    Introducing NOW - A Hearing Revolution

    Hearing Lab is excited to introduce all new NOW® hearing technology, powered by SDS II, the most robust and consistent hearing aids on the market, at all of our 15 offices. Hearing Lab hopes this new and improved hearing more
  • 18 Nov

    Exercise Your Ears

    The winter weather can keep us indoors and holiday gatherings can inflate our waistlines, but there is one part of your body you can keep in shape, without ever leaving the comfort of your recliner, your EARS! There is no need to more
  • 19 Dec

    Surviving The Holidays With Hearing Loss

    Large group gatherings, bustling shopping centers and loud celebrations go hand in hand with the holiday season; they are also some of the toughest situations for people with hearing loss. Despite the warmth and happiness that more
    27 Feb

    Home Safety for Hearing Aid Wearers

    When hearing loss is first diagnosed, there are lots of decision to make and things to consider. One thing that is frequently left as an after thought is home safety. How do you ensure those with hearing loss are safe in their more
  • 13 Feb

    Early Detection of Hearing Loss is Key

    Hearing loss often creeps into your life in subtle ways, but before you know it, ‘huh’ and ‘what’ have become the most common words in your vocabulary. Most people wait an average of 7 years before they seek help for their more

What Patient's Say

  • "They changed my life. I now can carry on a conversation with my family and friends, and I can hear the environment around me. Individuals who deny getting help are missing our on a big portion of their life, because you don't realize it improves every aspect of your life."

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