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Latest Blog Posts

  • 02 Jan

    Resolve To Hear Better in 2015

    Here we are at the start of a brand new year, an exciting time to think about what the upcoming year might hold! What’s on your list of New Years Resolutions? A Google search of the most popular resolutions proves that most more
    08 Oct

    Open Fit Hearing Aids Vs. In The Ear Hearing Aids

    Choosing a hearing aid can be a stressful process, especially when there are so many places to turn for researching your options, including reviews and recommendations from friends. However, one of the most important things to more
  • 30 May

    Ready To Help You Hear In Valparaiso

    After only a few months in Northwestern Indian, Hearing Lab has seen a great need for more access to hearing care in the area. That is why they are eager to announce the opening of their newest office in Valparaiso. This new more
    20 Feb

    Common Noises Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

    Your ears are a wonderful thing; they let you hear all the sounds around you each and everyday. However, they are also very delicate and if you don’t take steps to protect your hearing you can cause irreversible damage. Exposure more
  • 25 Apr

    Helping Loved Ones Adjust To Hearing Again

    When someone close to you decides to make the life changing decision to buy hearing aids, it is an exciting time for everyone in their lives. It is important to remember adjusting to the hearing world requires time and patience. more
    22 May

    Myths About Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss

    At Hearing Lab helping people hear is our job. Often times when people walk through our door they are nervous, they put off getting a hearing aid for many years and now they are expecting the worst. We’ve collected the 5 most more
  • 31 Oct

    Dont Throw Out Your Old Hearing Aids

    Old hearing aids don’t need to sit in the back of your junk drawer or get tossed in the trash; you can put them to good use. Even though you’re not benefiting from them any more, used hearing aids can make a big difference in more
    19 Dec

    Hearing Loss Linked To Decline In Health In Old Age

    Hearing loss has long been considered something that just comes with age, but a new study suggests it can have increased negative affects on the general health of older adults, leading to more hospitalizations. Researchers at more

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  • "They changed my life. I now can carry on a conversation with my family and friends, and I can hear the environment around me. Individuals who deny getting help are missing our on a big portion of their life, because you don't realize it improves every aspect of your life."

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